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Dental Filling

Why are Dental Fillings Necessary

White composite fillings are becoming very popular and it has made the field of fillings a rapidly evolving one in dentistry. They are also known as tooth colored fillings as the end results are astounding and there is hardly any difference between the filling and the tooth. These types of fillings are very safe and do not have any harmful effects on the body. They also look attractive as all one will be able to see is your beautiful smile with perfectly formed teeth.

The Advantages of Composite Fillings

These fillings help the tooth in more ways than one and the most popular one is that they look very natural. They are also used for cosmetic purposes to make the smile look better by making your teeth picture perfect.

Composite fillings also help strengthen a decayed tooth by forming a strong bond onto the tooth. The material is bonded to the tooth very securely through chemicals and thus helps prevent further decay to the tooth.

Composite fillings are not subject to temperature changes the way metal fillings do. While metal fillings might fall out due to contraction or break tooth due to expansion, composite fillings will retain their shape no matter what the temperature of the food you eat. They are, therefore, more durable than metal fillings and even last longer.

Placement of Composite Fillings

1.  The dentist will first prepare the tooth by drying it and keeping it free of saliva.
2.  Then the dentist works on the cavity in such a way that it will accommodate the filling.
3.  So a small drill is used to expand the cavity or remove the infected area and then the resin is placed inside it.
4.  The resin is applied in layers and a curing light is used to harden each layer.
5.  Then the dentist will smooth or adjust the filling to make your bite feel natural and make the composite look exactly like part of the tooth.
6.  The end product will then be polished to give it a longer life.
7.  The whole process will also be made comfortable and pain free for the patient by numbing the region.

Dental Amalgam or Composite Resin for your Back Teeth

Dental amalgams are mainly silver fillings which were used in the past since they were stronger than composite resins when it comes to withstanding high pressure grinding and chewing of food. So even though they did not look good, people didn't mind it for the back teeth as it lasted longer. Today, however silver fillings are no longer accepted, due to availability of new and advanced technology, people being more sensitive to the opinion of the society, and wanting a natural look even if it happens to be in the teeth that rarely seen by others.

The composite resin we get these days is stronger and more durable than yesteryears. The process of a composite filling will take more time than an amalgam filling as the dentist will have to work hard for the resin to look natural. However, composite fillings have become the world's choice and most people do not mind if the procedure takes longer than usual, as long as they get the smile they want.

Making the Composite Filling Last Longer

The color of the composite filling may change if you are inclined to eating and drinking food that contain edible colors and drinks that stain the teeth such as tea or coffee. To prevent such staining, you can ask your dentist to put in a clear plastic coating which will protect the color and you can continue eating your favorite food.

Insurance Coverage

As the composite resin fillings are newer than amalgam fillings, most insurance policies do not cover this type of fillings. Moreover, a decade ago, it was the amalgam filling that was certified as being stronger and composite fillings were comparatively more fragile. However, companies are slowly recognizing that there have been improvements made to the materials used in composite fillings and so it may cover your dental expenses. However, it is best to check with your insurance company before fixing an appointment with your dentist.

Choosing the Right Kind of Filling for Your Teeth

Sometimes even though the choice is an obvious one, it helps to have a discussion with your dentist. Depending upon the type, the severity of the dental problem and the cost of the various materials, you can choose the type that is right for you. You might even want to change the type of fillings used and sometimes that might not be a good idea as it might damage the tooth during removal of the old one. However, if your old filling has already fallen out, then do not hesitate to put in a filling that you like, provided that it is the right choice.

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