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What Is The Connection Between Alzheimer's And Your Dental Health?

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Brandon Cooley
What Is The Connection Between Alzheimer's And Your Dental Health?There is a disturbing relationship between poor oral hygiene and Alzheimer's disease. Individuals suffering from gum disease or bad dental hygiene are four times likely to develop Alzheimer's disease in their lives. Therefore, having good dental health prevents the possibility of your having Alzheimer's in the future.

Gum Disease And Inflammation

Periodontal disease causes your gums to turn red, become tender and inflamed. The ailment is a chronic disease but somehow inflammatory. Periodontal disease leads to serious consequences when you decide not to get treatment. The inflammation of your gums creates a burden to your body which affects your general health by making your brain more prone to protein build-up. The protein build-up in the future may cause dementia.


There is also a connection between gingivitis bacteria and how it can infect your brain. Researchers have found gingivitis-causing bacteria in the brains of dementia suffering patients. The p. gingivalis bacteria has a connection with periodontal disease mainly found in your oral cavities. Gum disease also causes the formation of deep pockets in your teeth enamel that allows quick accumulation and multiplication of plaque and harmful bacteria. The bacteria enter your bloodstream as you eat or brush your teeth. Later, the bacteria invade your brain and destroy your nerve tissues by activating your immune system.

Oral HSV-1 connection To Alzheimer's

The oral herpes simplex virus is usually inactive in most adults. However, it activates when you have stress or an illness. The virus reduces the capacity of your body to fight infections such as periodontal disease. The virus causes protein deposits in your brain which affects your neurons and later contributes to Alzheimer's disease.

Therefore, it is integral you maintain good oral health from when you are a child and also as you transition to adulthood. Good oral hygiene minimizes the probability of you getting Alzheimer's make sure you contact or visit our offices today to learn more about the connection between oral health and Alzheimer's.

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