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Nutrition and Oral Health

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Brandon Cooley
Nutrition and Oral HealthA nutritious diet is essential for the maintenance of overall health. The benefits of a nutritious and well-balanced diet will show on your body and skin, and so will the side-effects of poor nutrition. If you want to maintain a healthy body and mind, you need to eat well. In fact, by eating right, you can prevent many common diseases and health issues, including oral health problems.

How Does Nutrition Link to Oral Health?

Eating right is just as important for our teeth as is maintaining proper oral hygiene. We all know that we have to clean our teeth, brush, and floss twice a day for optimal dental health. We are also well aware that we need to clean our teeth right after we eat something sticky to prevent it from getting stuck in our teeth, fuelling plaque build-up.

However, not many people know that your diet also plays an essential role in the maintenance and upkeep of your teeth. A diet high in sugary, processed, and preserved foods can increase bacteria production in the mouth. Eating food such as biscuits, chips, and other snacks that can get stuck in your teeth also exacerbates bacteria production.

What to Eat for Your Teeth

As we age, our teeth weaken and wear out over time. However, poor nutrition can speed up the process and cause our teeth to chip and break earlier than they should. If you want to maintain healthy teeth for a long, you should increase your intake of calcium-rich foods.

Calcium is responsible for the maintenance of our bones' and teeth' function and structural integrity. Calcium strengthens our teeth's outer shell, strengthening the enamel and helping it fight against cavities.

Here are some calcium-rich foods you should eat regularly to keep your bones healthy and strong.
•  Dairy Products
•  Fish - sardines
•  Chia seeds, poppy seeds, celery seeds, and sesame seeds
•  Almonds
•  Beans
•  Fortified foods
Eating tooth-healthy foods can prevent early tooth wear and damage. If your teeth are becoming increasingly sensitive, you should visit your dentist for an extensive evaluation and increase your intake of calcium-rich foods as it may be a sign of the weakening of teeth shell.

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