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Stress Can Damage Both Your Gums and Your Teeth

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Brandon Cooley
Stress Can Damage Both Your Gums and Your TeethLife these days can drive anybody a little crazy, but at what point does stress build up to become harmful to your health? Well, research has shown that many ailments can be exacerbated or even directly caused by excessive stress. Your dental health is important to keeping your appearance, self esteem and overall health in good shape. In this post, we're going to talk about a couple of examples of how stress can negatively affect your teeth and gums, as well as what treatments exist.

Teeth Grinding

When you get stressed out, you may grind your teeth, a condition called bruxia. You may grind or clench them without even realizing it while you are sleeping. This causes your enamel to wear away, as well as causing stress on your jaw muscles. Gum recession may also occur, as well as headaches and discomfort in your jaw muscles. In some severe cases, this can lead to tooth damage and even teeth falling out. If this is a problem for you, consider talking to us about mouth guards you can wear while sleeping to minimize detrimental effects on your mouth.

Canker Sores

Many people have had canker sores, also known as mouth ulcers. Canker sores are small, shallow sores (aka ulcers) that appear in your mouth, and sometimes at the base of the gums. Canker sores can make eating some foods, especially spicy foods, uncomfortable. They are often caused by vitamin deficiencies, prior mouth damage, and especially stress. These may seem similar to cold sores, but canker sores aren't contagious and only appear inside your mouth. If you have canker sores, don't fret! Canker sores can be easily treated with special gels.

If either of these conditions are happening to you, stress may very well be the cause. Come in and see us for a diagnosis and treatment plan today.
As a patient, three things stand out to me about Cooley Smiles - the great quality dental work, the cleanliness of the facility and thorough follow up. These are major differentiators that I look for in dental providers and to-date, I've always been satisfied with my experience. Thanks for the great patient care, Cooley Smiles team!

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