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Call Us Right Away If Biting Down Hurts

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Brandon Cooley
Call Us Right Away If Biting Down HurtsIf you have pain, especially sharp pain when biting down on food or biting down on your teeth in general you need to call your dentist right away. This shocking sensation of pain can be caused by a number of symptoms.

You will need to give us right away and give us some additional information because treatment options may vary depending on the symptoms and the cause of your pain. The most common cause of tooth pain, of course, is tooth decay and that is when bacteria simply eats through the enamel of your tooth.

When this happens your dentist usually repairs the damage with what is called a filling to patch up the cavity. If left untreated the tooth, then will generally abscess and this is when part or all of the pulp inside the tooth dies. The dead tissue becomes infected and makes and inflamed pocket called an abscess. The only way to fix this is to drain and clean the abscess by doing what the dentist calls a root canal and replaces the damaged tooth with a synthetic one.

Possible Pain Symptoms When Biting Down

Other causes of pain can be from damaged fillings, which your dentist can usually just repair or replace. Sometimes your tooth can fracture which can lead to extreme throbbing pain, to fix this the dentist will usually with a dental glue place a veneer or a crown over the tooth to keep food particles and bacteria and such from getting into the tooth.

Another common cause of pain when biting down is an infected gum or what dentists call gingivitis. This is mainly caused by not cleaning your teeth and mouth properly, smoking, certain types of medications or medical conditions. The dentist usually treats this condition with antibiotics and regular cleanings to remove the plaque and some type of medicated mouth wash for gum and tooth pain. There are several other reasons that could cause severe pain such as an eruption of a tooth, or impacted tooth, a loose crown, grinding or clenching your teeth or many other reasons.

When to See A Dentist

The bottom line is this, a tooth infection is very serious and can spread to other parts of your face such as the jawbone, your throat, and your head. We urge you to call our office immediately if you experience any throbbing pain. We encourage you to keep up with early and regular dental visits to help prevent serious teeth problems before they cause pain. Call us anytime or leave us a message if it is after hours, we are here to help!

It is, of course, a very serious matter if your teeth have acid erosion. We encourage you to call our office for a visit to come in and let us help identify any early signs of dental erosion, determine the cause and work with you to develop some strategies to prevent further wear and tear on your teeth. We look forward to hearing from you.

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