The Functions of Saliva

Posted on 8/10/2018 by Brandon Cooley
The Functions of SalivaMany of our patients have no idea how important of a role saliva plays in the normal function of the body.

This substance is actually very key to several processes from digestion to aiding in promoting oral health. Here are the top 4 functions of saliva.

Digestion Aid

When you chew your food, you are not just breaking it down into small pieces. Actually, you are mixing it with the saliva in your mouth. The saliva contains a number of enzymes that help break food down into its various components, making it easier for your body to digest.

Cleansing the Mouth

An adequate flow of saliva is very important for the sake of the cleanliness in your mouth. As you know, there are millions of microorganisms that live in your mouth. As they digest the food particles between your teeth, they excrete an acidic byproduct; this substance is what causes tooth decay.

A healthy flow of saliva helps keep the levels of acid down, meaning your teeth last longer. Plus, you have fresher breath due to the constant cleansing effect of your saliva.

Assisting in Taste

If you had no saliva, your tongue would dry out and you would have a very hard time tasting your food. The saliva in your mouth helps keep the tongue lubricated and carries the various tastes of your food to the taste buds.

Helps Remineralize Your Teeth

Your teeth have minerals such as calcium and phosphorous in them. As they wear down, the saliva helps supply them with more minerals to ensure a coating of enamel that stays healthy and strong.

Keeping the saliva flowing in your mouth is very important. If you notice that you have a dry mouth, be sure to keep sipping water throughout the day. That will help mimic the function of saliva, and keep your mouth in better shape.
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