Dehydration Can Cause A Myriad of Mouth Problems

Posted on 7/10/2016 by Brandon Cooley
A woman drinking from a glass of water.Dehydration is a severe problem that occurs when you don't drink enough fluids to replace the ones you lose throughout the day.

As a result, you can suffer dizziness, overall weakness, sluggishness, and even seizures. It can even cause a whole host of mouth problems.

Bad Breath

One sign of dehydration is bad breath. When you don't drink enough water, your saliva production decreases. Saliva has antibacterial properties in it that would otherwise wash away the bacteria present in your mouth. Without it, these bacteria are left to thrive, feeding on any leftover food particles and producing byproducts that have a foul effect on your breath.

Increased Levels of Bacteria

Without the proper amount of saliva, not only do existing bacteria thrive, they multiply. The more bacteria in your mouth, the higher your risk for problems other than bad breath. Your teeth become vulnerable to tooth decay and your gums at risk for gum disease as the bacteria invades all crevices in your mouth.

Brushing every day will take care of some of the bacteria, but without proper hydration, the process of growing larger amounts of bacteria starts all over again.

Dry Skin in and Around the Mouth

Without proper hydration, your skin suffers. This includes the skin in and around your mouth. Dry skin can be quite painful, suffering from cracks and bleeding.

Drinking plenty of water ensures that you produce enough saliva to keep the inside of your mouth moist and allows you to provide your lips with extra moisture to prevent them from cracking.

Dehydration is a no good situation. It can have a poor effect on your entire body, your mouth included. Without proper hydration, your saliva production decreases and your mouth suffers from increased levels of bacteria, leading to bad breath and dry skin.

It is crucial that you drink enough water every day, even if you don't participate in heavy physical activity, to prevent dehydration and keep your body healthy.

Please contact us if you have any questions about dehydration.
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