Four Beverages that Are Causing Your Bad Breath

Posted on 2/10/2016 by Brandon Cooley
A cup of hot coffee that can harm your oral health!Most of us know that there are certain foods we need to avoid if we want to have fresh breath, but what you might not understand is that some beverages are just as bad. Here are a few of the biggest culprits.


Whether your alcoholic beverage of choice is wine, beer, or a fancy cocktail, all of these beverages will have the same effect - bad breath. That is because these drinks can dry out your mouth. When you suffer from dry mouth, you do not have an adequate saliva supply to wash away bacteria. Also, certain liquors will smell worse than others.

We all know that milk is good for healthy bones and teeth, but it is not great for your breath. A glass of milk can cause bad breath sometimes known as "milk breath." This is thought to be due to the excess hydrogen sulfide found in the mouth, creating a sour, foul smell that will linger on your breath.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who had "coffee breath"? While millions of people love this beverage in the morning, it often leaves coffee drinkers with a strong, bitter aroma on their breath. This is also due to the drying properties, creating a perfect storm in the mouth for bacteria growth. The result is some stinky breath that will turn off anyone that you are speaking to in the office.

Orange Juice
A healthy addition to any well-balanced breakfast, orange juice comes with a variety of benefits. The effect on your breath is not one of them. Orange juice is highly acidic, which also dries out the mouth and can trigger bad breath.

The good news is that bad breath as a result of what you drink is preventable. Make sure that you rinse your mouth out with water after your beverage, and chew sugar-free gum to boost your saliva production.

Please contact us if you have any questions about bad breath.
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