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4 Dental Apps that Can Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on 11/20/2015 by Brandon Cooley
A cartoon of a cellphone with a doctors stethoscope!Do you feel like you could use a little help managing your oral health and dental hygiene routine? With advances in technology making our lives easier in so many ways, it is really no surprise that apps have been created to help improve oral health. Find out about some of these best applications and how they can improve your life.

Disney Magic Timer
Do you have a hard time convincing your kids to brush their teeth? Many parents do, and if you are able to talk them into it, they probably try and rush right through the process to get it over with as quickly as possible.

The Disney Magic Timer works to prevent this and to keep your kids brushing so that they can get the best possible results. Offered by Oral-B, this app features 23 Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel characters, and each time your child brushes for two minutes successfully, he'll earn a new digital sticker. This has been the top downloaded free app for children ages 6-8 on iPhone platforms in the U.S.

Brush DJ

Dentists recommend that you brush for a full two minutes twice daily in order to get the best possible results. The Brush DJ is the adult version of the Disney Magic Timer and helps to encourage you to continue brushing for that full two minute time frame. It is easy to do a quick, 30 second scrub and charge out of the bathroom, but the Brush DJ can help.

Brush DJ will take the boredom out of brushing. It will scour through the music library on your phone to select a random song and play two minutes of it while you are brushing. As long as the song continues to play, you'll know that you still need to continue brushing. Plus, the fact that the music selection is completely random makes the app more exciting than simply setting an alarm.

Dental Habit Streaks

Good dental hygiene is a matter of routine, and routine is built through the use of good habits in brushing and flossing. Habit Streaks serves as a habit tracker in which you can celebrate your accomplishments each day. It uses a simple design in order to set tasks, and it is easy to see your completion in order to keep you motivated. It's not just for improving dental hygiene practices, and it can be used to help you achieve your goals with diet, exercise, and other areas of your life.

Use the app to plug in your oral hygiene goals, such as brushing twice daily and flossing every morning. Each time that you reach your goal, check off the task, and you'll build up streaks of habits in order to ingrain these activities into your life for good. Another good option is Floss: Your Habit Coach, but this option charges a fee of $1.99, while Habit Streak is free of charge.

Dental Symptom Checker

While nothing can replace the experience and knowledge of a trained dentist, there are times when we like to try and figure out our problems on our own. If you have a tendency to try and self-diagnose your problems through sites like WebMD, you'll love the American Dental Association's Dental Symptom Checker.

You'll be able to look up information about your dental issues directly from your phone, allowing you to get a jumpstart on your dental problems, and a self-diagnosis quiz can give you an idea of potential diagnoses.

These apps are a great way to get you on a path to good dental health. If you need additional information or guidance, feel free to contact our office.

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