Ways to Decrease Sensitivity so You Can Enjoy Summer Treats

Posted on 9/25/2015 by Brandon Cooley
A toothbrush with teeth sensitive toothpaste on it.As summer draws to a close, it is the last chance to enjoy those tasty summer treats. But if you have tooth sensitivity, you are probably tempted to pass and save yourself some pain. While tooth sensitivity can happen to anyone of any age, there are a few things you can do to decrease your sensitivity.

Change Your Toothpaste

If you are not already, switch to toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth can make a big difference in just a couple weeks. Sensitivity toothbrushes are good to pair with the toothpaste and have extra soft bristles. There is even a sensitivity pain-relieving pen. The pen is known to cause a decrease in sensitivity right away. But it also has a special formula for building up the enamel. The same concept can be found in certain strips you apply to your teeth much like whitening strips.

Change Your Dental Habits

If you are a mouth grinder when you sleep, consider using a mouth guard. The grinding wears away at the enamel and the breakdown of enamel is a major cause of sensitivity. Also, when you brush your teeth, make sure you are brushing in a circular motion and not just up and down. The up and down motion erodes the gum line, exposing sensitive spots.

Are you 'scratching' at the gums when you run your brush over your teeth? This also causes them to erode. Make sure the bristles are gently going below the gum just slightly. This will help remove any extra debris that causes inflammation and gum recession. It is also better to brush softer and longer. Take the time to do a good job.

Protecting your enamel is the best way to decrease sensitivity. After taking measures to address your sensitivity, go ahead and try your favorite summer treat before colder weather takes over.

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