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Why Is My Bone Graft Showing Through the Gum?

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
a close up of healthy gums and pearly teethAfter a dental operation, if your bone graft is visible through the gums, it should raise concerns and be assessed by an oral surgeon or dentist. There are several possible causes of this problem:

Insufficient Incorporation of Soft Tissues

Soft tissue or gums must sufficiently cover the graft site to facilitate healing and integration following a bone transplant treatment. Insufficient soft tissue covering could result in exposed bone transplant material.

Not Enough Graft Fixation

The effectiveness of the surgical process depends on the graft material being properly stabilized and affixed. Exposure can arise if the transplanted tissue is not sufficiently fastened since it can move or come loose.

Complications or Infection

The reason for exposing the bone graft can occasionally be traced back to problems like slow recovery or infection. Tissue deterioration caused by infection might impede the rehabilitation process and reveal the transplant material.

Graft Disintegration

Graft resorption is when the body eliminates the graft material more quickly than new bone grows. As a consequence, the graft may show through the gum tissue.

Receding or Fragile Gum Tissue

Graft exposure may be more likely in people with receding or thin gum tissue. The danger of exposure can arise if there is inadequate thickness in the gum tissue, making it difficult for the tissue to cover the graft site completely.

Mechanical Irritation or Trauma

The healing process can be hampered, and the bone graft component exposed, by applying too much pressure, causing trauma or discomfort to the graft site. Factors including chewing on the incorrect foods, brushing too vigorously, or using tobacco-related products might cause this.

It is critical to contact our oral surgeon for an assessment and suitable treatment if you discover that your bone transplant is visible through the gum line. Treatment options include treating infection, improving oral hygiene habits, using surgical procedures to extend coverage with more soft tissue, or changing the grafting process, all contingent upon the underlying cause.

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