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Brushing Teeth After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Andrew Admin
3D rendered xray of an impacted wisdom tooth butting against the tooth next to itIf you have just had your wisdom teeth extracted, you probably have one or two questions about brushing your teeth. Let us explore how you should go about brushing and flossing after a wisdom tooth extraction.

How to Brush Your Teeth After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You should wait for at least 72 hours (3 days) before starting to brush your teeth after wisdom tooth extraction. You might wonder how to keep your breath fresh during this period. The American Dental Association strongly advises against using an electric toothbrush on the rest of your teeth for obvious reasons, such as the risk of dislodging the blood clot formed over the empty socket, causing bleeding. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush your teeth in slow, circular motions.

Can I Rinse My Mouth After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

During the healing process, your dentist will also advise against rinsing your mouth with regular mouthwash. You should rinse your mouth with warm, salty water and let it drain out. Avoid spitting out the water, as the force could dislodge the clot covering the empty socket and cause bleeding.

Seventy-two hours after having your wisdom teeth extracted, you can resume your normal brushing and flossing routine. However, you should still avoid brushing close to the extraction site. It is recommended to brush around the site as gently as possible because the healing process is still ongoing.

You should continue using warm, salty water to rinse your mouth after brushing. Your dentist will also guide you on the use of an antiseptic solution until you are completely healed. It is also advisable to rinse your mouth with warm water after eating or drinking to ensure that no bacteria cause infections at the extraction site.

Key Takeaways

Brushing your teeth after wisdom tooth extraction requires a different approach, at least for the first 72 hours. Brushing directly on the extraction site with a hard-bristled brush could cause the site to start bleeding again. If you rinse your mouth after brushing, do not spit out the water forcefully. The force used could reopen the already-healing site.

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